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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will my repair cost? Several factors go into the cost of a repair. If the repair is minor in nature and doesn't require parts, the cost may be as little as $80. Repairs requiring the replacement of failed parts can vary greatly and will be determined once the technician evaluates your problem. 

  2. Do you give free estimates for system replacements? Yes! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for a system replacement. 

  3. Do you offer financing for new AC systems? Yes! You can finance your new AC system with affordable terms that fit your budget, W.A.C. We work with several lenders or your preferred financial institution

  4. Do you offer annual maintenance plans? Yes! Call us today to set up a preventative maintenance agreement and receive a 20% discount on repair parts, refrigerants, and filters.  

  5. Do you give free estimates for system repairs? Sometimes. In order to properly repair your system, our technicians need to diagnose the problem. Relying on someone else's diagnosis may be enough to give you an idea of cost, but may not be taking into account all factors. 

  6. Do you work with my home warranty company? Unfortunately, we cannot accept promises of payment from home warranty services. We would be happy to complete your repair or replacement and provide you with a detailed invoice for reimbursement. 

  7. What size of Air-Conditioning system does my home need? Bigger is not always better! A lot of factors go into determining the size (in Tons) of the equipment needed to properly heat or cool your home. The size of the home, how well insulated, how many occupants, the number of windows and doors, and a number of other factors go into correct system sizing, called a Load Calculation. An incorrect load calculation can lead to an undersized system that will never be able to heat or cool the home or an oversized system that leaves the home damp and the air soaked with humidity. 

  8. Conservation and energy efficiency are important to me. How can my AC system use fewer natural resources? We have several options to reduce your energy consumption or take advantage of the lowest-cost fuel options available. Whether it's an upgrade to a 96% Efficient gas furnace, or replacing your old 13 SEER air conditioner with a modern 20 SEER, 2 Stage inverter system, we can offer energy-efficient solutions to balance your budget with your efficiency and eco-conscious needs. 


Have a different question? Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  

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