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Ductless Mini-Split Systems


What Makes Ductless AC Different?

A ductless air conditioner or heat pump uses the same basic cooling cycle as a central system, but there are several key differences. When combined, these differences make ductless AC units easily the most efficient systems on the market today.

  • Variable-Speed Compressor: The compressor “drives” an air conditioner by forcing refrigerant chemicals to become liquid, releasing heat. Most air conditioners have compressors that run at only one or two speeds, which is why they constantly have to cycle on and off. Ductless systems use state-of-the-art variable-speed compressor technology to match your home’s cooling load in real-time. That means they can run continuously, which is much more efficient than starting and stopping throughout the day.

  • Direct Cooling: Did you know that the average central air conditioner loses about 30 percent of its cooling power to leaks in the duct system? It’s possible to reduce that figure by having your ducts cleaned and sealed, but some loss of cooling power is unavoidable. Ductless AC systems sidestep this problem entirely by delivering their cooling power directly to the living space, saving you a bundle on energy.

Is Ductless Air Conditioning Right For You?

Ductless systems are particularly great for smaller homes, older houses without ductwork, and new home additions where it would be prohibitively expensive to extend the ducts into the space. They are excellent for controlling humidity in an outdoor workshop or converted garage to keep those valuable tools from gathering rust or conditioning the bonus room above your garage for that sewing room you've always wanted to create but it was just too hot up there. And what Floridian hasn't thought of air-conditioning their Florida Room? If you’re serious about creating comfort while helping the environment and saving money on your electric bill, you can’t do much better than a ductless system.

And while the standard wall-mounted indoor unit is the most common, we now have several design choices that seamlessly blend with any decor. Ductless VRF systems are increasingly becoming a whole home comfort solution. 

Entrust Max-Air With Your Ductless AC Installation and Service

Ductless air conditioners are highly advanced systems with intricate components, and they require specialized knowledge and equipment to install. Homeowners all over Central Florida entrust Max-Air with their ductless AC service because:

  • We’re a family-owned business that gives you comfort, value, and peace of mind.

  • We take integrity, safety, and professionalism seriously.

  • We’re experts at creating comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient living spaces.

  • We provide flat-rate pricing with every ductless AC service.

  • Our team consists of professionally trained technicians with up-to-date training and tools.

  • Our team glorifies God by consistently providing caring customer service.

Are you ready to upgrade to a ductless AC system? Contact Max-Air today!

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